P2872 Clutch A Stuck Engaged Compressor clutch kicks out while driving. AC Compressor Clutch Not Engaging: Reasons, Cause, How To …. 2016 Ford Focus, 38000 miles, manufactured in Dec 2016, 20 just - Answered by a verified Ford Mechanic. When you press the clutch, your foot counters the diaphragm spring which presses the friction disc to the flywheel. yml) for CI and scheduled SAST Ask Question 0 New! Save questions or answers and organize your favorite content. coli cells a complex containing Bacillus subtilis SecA (residues 1–778), Geobacillus thermodenitrificans. In either case, your clutch will not disengage when one of those parts fails. Sorry about the delay in the trans work. What did you do to your Promaster today?. ABS U3003 - 17 battery voltage- circuit voltage above threshold U 0100-00 lost communication with (EMC/(PCM) A U 0101-00 lost communication with (TCM) U 3003 - 16 battery voltage- circuit voltage below threshold U 0401-00 invalid data received from (EMC)/. I have 2016 Ford focus got the codesPO7A3 and P2872 what does this mean 2015 Ford Focus. The turning is easy as you shift it in one direction. Heavy-Duty Trucks Maintenance Manual - Freightliner T. i pulled off the cover , starter plate and clutch and its apparent that the clutch plate ( what weights and springs are on) has been grinding against the bell housing. FORD FOCUS DUAL CLUTCH REPLACEMENT \u0026 CLUTCH FORK P0751 / P0756 Doing This Will Reset Your Car Reset Transmission ford focus 2013 Ford Focus/Fiesta Clutch Stuck Engaged P2872. The play on the top of the chain should be between 1/4-1/2" of play depending on the motor you have. When I engaged the blades nothing happened so I figured the belt slipped. I'm having trouble nailing down. 2013 Ford Focus clutch a stuck engaged after changing clutch…. Car is getting stuck in overdrive, Mechanic says the codes: 11/16/2021 i have a uk based mk5 mondeo and the bluetooth will no: 11/16/2021 Car exhibits loud squealing noise in general vicinity of: 11/16/2021 It needs a new starter. I just replaced the top clutch actuator because 1,3,5 we're rough and having issues. HOW-TO Remove A Seized Lawn Tractor PTO ClutchIs your lawn tractor PTO clutch seized? In this video I show you how to remove it like a pro!Don’t forget to cl. The bearing is staked in,, and considered (by the clutch sellers) as not serviceable. Low pressure side is around 40psi until the clutch kicks in and then drops to around 5psi. Ford Fiesta 2013 throwing codes p07a3 and p2872. Cub Cadet XT1-LT42 dies when engaging blades. Disengage the chain brake and check if the chain is running freely. Be Sure the Parking Brake is Releasing. Youtube mechanics says replace actuators. Order an AE8Z-7C604-A transmission clutch actuator a/b from Yinlowa, less hassle when fixing the stuck clutch code and slow actuator code. Start to do my research, already knew this transmission was gong to be a pain. FIXING A STUCK CLUTCH ON A 2. The red smoke was rust that got released with each clutch movement After 1 1/2 or 2 hours finally the clutch engaged again!!!! Don William could finally enjoy his first round in the tub after owning the rig 1 year!. The back wheel seems to be spinning freely now. Stuman Discussion starter · #2 · Jul 2, 2021. Good fluid, no noticeable leaks, system bleed properly when slave cylinder installed 7k miles ago. clutch a stuck engaged after changing clutch…">2013 Ford Focus clutch a stuck engaged after changing clutch…. This includes both labor costs and parts. VOLVO A/C RANDOMLY STOPS WORKING | Easy Diagnostics. I don't want to drive the car to the dealership if it's gonna damage anything in the process and I definitely can't afford another. 3-Way Gear Position Sensor Connector. Engage the brake again and check that the chain does not move. 2011 ford fiesta with P2872 clutch "A" stuck engaged and a: 8/29/2021 Hi there. DPS6 Transmission – Diagnostic Network. May 14, 2015 / Blade Brake stuck engaged. Now it won't go into S and the gears are even worse. I have a 2017 Mitsubishi Outlander SL. We remove a stuck on electric PTO clutch and pulley from Ariens Zoom 2040 zero turn riding mower. My name is ***** ***** I thought I was done working with my 2011 Ford Fiesta SE 1. When back probing the hot wire going to the clutch, I got 7amps and the clutch engaged. It sounds like the throttle was already engaged (or failed closed) and when the clip was put in place it energized the system …. This fault designation applies to all vehicles equipped with OBD-II. 150,000 - Answered by a verified Ford Mechanic. Also the valve body will need to be checked to make sure there is not a modulater valve binding when hot. Why fan clutch stuck engaged in the car? Solved!. After one season of satisfactory performance, the throttle on my self propelled mower is stuck at 100%. P2872 IS A MECHINCAL FAILURE OF CLUTCH A STUCK ENGAGED. A fluid loss or malfunction with one of these would give you no response from your pedal. This is a vital part of your vehicle’s clutch system and its purpose is to allow the clutch to disengage when the pedal is depressed. Mechanic's Assistant: How long has this been going on? Just the last month or so. I spun both forks 13 times and they return fine. Ford Fiesta Service: Q&A on Engine Light, Oil Reset & More. This is usually caused by moisture getting on the clutch components and as you use it the clutch gets dried out so the judder goes away. P2872 Clutch 'A' Stuck Engaged What Does the Engine Code P2872 Mean? Character "P" in the first position of Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) represents the powertrain system (engine and transmission), "2" in the second position means that this is a ISO/SAE controlled OBD-II (OBD2) DTC. If this is correct then you could have an issue with the ECM itself. The reason they usually get seized up is because the spring track gets filled. 2017 Ford Fiesta Transmission: Common Problems & Solutions. I noticed at the end of yesterday's ride, when I felt the motor resisting (braking) on a downhill coast, that that touching the throttle lever seemed to affect or even clear the problem. In fact, this type of transmission is preferred for high-end, high-performance vehicles. Messages 2 Likes 1 City Durban State Non-US Country South Africa What I Drive Ford Fiesta 2011 1. P07A5, Transmission Friction, Element B Stuck On. If the clutch is engaging, you have 2 options: Decrease the idle speed of the engine, there are idle screws in the engines and if you loosen it, the idle speed will decrease. It rotates counter clockwise but it does not turn clockwise. Also there is a list of more than 13500 additional. ford dealership says they're getting code: P07A5 I have a 2014 ford … read more. Re: 8N Clutch stuck engaged in reply to Paul K Rowe, 01-04-2008 16:35:08 No need to remove the front end at all. P287A - Clutch B Stuck Engaged. My key is stuck in the ingition. Powertrain (Covers functions that include engine, transmission and associated drivetrain accessories) Category: ISO/SAE (It is core DTCs and applied to most manufacturers. How to free a stuck clutch. this is the schematic i was reffering to, and there is a small gap between part 7 and part 13, and from what i gather, when part 13 rubs against 7 (which would only happen when the cable is engaged) 7 then rotates into 13, which then allows 11 to spin freely without transfering torque to 13. A STUCK SHIFT FORK WOULD NOT ALLOW THE CLUTCH TO RETURN, CAUSING A FAILURE CODE. The only reason Ford wouldn’t replace them (jokes on them, they have to now lmao) is because you have to drop the trans. The first thing to do is determine if it really is mechanically stuck. Just about at wits end, Need some help bad. Business, Economics, and Finance. Clutch Stuck In The Engaged Position - posted in Problems, Questions and Technical: So as the title suggests, my clutch is stuck. When running, your alternator should produce in the vicinity of 14. Since then I put 2000 - Answered by a verified Ford Mechanic. OBD-II fault code P2872 is a generic code defined as “Clutch “A” jammed in engagement”. I’ve seen videos on spraying wd40 into clutch a and clutch b then. Pump the brake pedal a couple of times and hold the brakes on firmly with your right foot. If the torque converter clutch fails to release, the vehicle may stall when coming to a stop. Check the fluid level in the master. Problem with clutch stuck engaged, I need your help. Cleaned the holly molly out of the carb, starting with Running wire threw all ports then shooting carb cleaner and air threw them. These transmissions blend good old . Clutch pedal linkage out of adjustment or self adjusting cam may have stopped adjusting. How To Fix Stuck Clutch / Wheel New Motorized Bike. P090c - Clutch B Actuator Control Circuit Low. Diagnosing the DPS6: Knowing the Good Helps You Identify the …. Fan spins after engine shut-down might indicate a weak clutch. Within a mile of driving, the clutch stops working (I got out to visually verify). If it is below 5 ohm or above 10000 ohm, the TCM is the problem. primary clutch stuck fully engaged. The dealer says this is not unusual and will not do - Answered by a verified Ford Mechanic. If the fan clutch seizes, it remains engaged all the time, cooling off the engine too much. Took it to the dealer this am and they tell me the only code is P2872 also. Temperature Sensor Malfunction. You'll need to check the voltage of the clutch motor A. P0604-00-INTERNAL CONTROL MODULE RANDOM ACCESS MEMORY (RAM) ERROR. Dealer says not part of the TCM recall. When starting the car, I can hear some ticking/clunking noises coming from the TCM (See video here). try unhooking the battery for 30 seconds and see if the trans works any different. fan clutch stuck engaged? w124 300D 1987. Like once a week, almost invariably after driving dirt road. Clutch cycles on and off every few seconds. Take out the small screw, and loosen a bit the flower nut. How to fix a sewing machine when the needle won’t go up. To convert heat into cool air, the AC system requires refrigerant. 2011 ford escape xlt 3rd owner. There really isn't much of a clutch on riding lawn mowers. Laycock says 'this trouble might be seen on a new unit due to insufficient bedding-in of the clutch'. If the problem occurs when you are stuck in low or high gear, be mindful when you drive. Parking brake stuck on 2015 Ford escape. I just read an article in popular mechanic that there is a valve in the fan clutch can be stuck either open or close, or opens fast etc. Check for visible signs of clutch engagement: Start by visually inspecting the clutch system for any signs of engagement even when it should be disengaged. More than likely you will need to replace the actuator and the clutch. 0 p2872 clutch a stuck and engage vehicle…. Motorized Bicycle Troubleshooting. Focus with the DPS6 transmission, had the…">My son's 2014 Ford Focus with the DPS6 transmission, had the…. Just repacing the converter will not get it. To diagnose the p2862 ford code, it typically requires 1. Volvo air conditioner compressor randomly stops working and not engaging. Upon further investigation (turning climatronic off entirely, turning heat on) that my AC clutch stayed engaged the entire time. Hi guys, I have a Ford fiesta 2011 1. Here's Why P2872 y P07A3 Parte …. That way you can be positive it is the clutch and not a water pump. 99 per vehicle 4-year subscription $59. Step 1: Put on your safety glasses, grab your flashlight, and grab your creeper. Decrease in power, acceleration, and fuel efficiency. It is estimated that the average cost to replace a clutch in a Ford Focus is between $732 and $851. However, it seems like the powertrain warranty to fix the clutch might not be covered, but I've read online that it may be covered once for the vehicle but. Hi there, I have a P2872 clutch a stuck engaged code on my 2013 ford focus with 120k miles. Here Is A List Of Some Of Them: Came from a different shop, they replaced both shift fork actuators. Clutch arm should be turned into 10 degrees at resting (engaged position). Check easy and simple troubles. It worked fine 3 months ago before I went away for work. I returned to the barn and checked everything. Pedal brake: This type is found on the floor, to the left of the gas, brake, and clutch pedals. The codes they ran show up as P07A3-00 and …. P087A Code - Clutch Position Sensor 'B' Circuit. Very frustrated with how long this. Browse Categories Answer Questions. also noticed sometimes while turn off / back on car would not start, could hear a click from what …. so I had just got this piece sled back together again after rebuilding my carbs once again cuz something stuck open and my entire engine and exhaust filled up with gas in about 20 mins. I have brake lights, and only the transmission warning - Answered by a verified Ford Mechanic. The clutch was replaced around 4 or 5 years ago. polaris 400 sport dies when put in gear. Fan Clutch Always Engaged: When Its Bad I Thought It …. P0805, p2872, p0219 No I…">My ford has 3 codes showing up. Please help : r/FordFocus. My clutch was ok looking just fork a was stuck like chuck. One way of checking it is to start the car after engaging the gear and clutch. A clutch puller tool is the safest way to remove a stuck clutch without damaging your engine. I attached a diagram for you of the A/C controls. the puller threads are connected to the clutch so all you do is just hammer the clutch onto the crank or end up moving the crank and walking it over. The computer shows one of the clutches is sticking. When the Electronic Overspeed Control Operation (EOC control) is changed to the “on” position, it energizes a solenoid valve that pressurizes the clutch pack. Factors such as low transmission fluid levels, worn transmission components, and software issues can cause BMW transmission problems. I pulled the cover off over the sprocket and found that the rod for the clutch wont engage. Measure distance between release bearing and clutch brake. Save the pipeline schedule and you can expect it to run surely and …. You can also try a small chisel between the fan clutch flange and the P/S belt pulley to try to drive the two apart, then turn 180 degrees and do the same thing to walk it off. The p2872 just means that the transmission has a fault. 8tg coupe with less than 31k miles on it. the edges of the plate show recently exposed metal and the bell housing is showing a band of wear. If your car supports OBD II or EOBD, then you can already use almost 5000 generic OBDII codes. NOW---it seems to be CONSTANTLY engaged because i hear it all the time. The process is a bit different for older cars that are not compatible with the R134a type. no i took all tension off starter cable as it was doing nothing. low tire pressures, brake stuck on, etc. Some smaller Cub Cadet riding mowers use a drive belt on the hydrostatic transmission to drive the rear wheels. Few months left on 5yr warranty. Wife calls it the 'dirt road code'. If you have a stuck shifting wire, you cannot move the shifter. That is why it disconnects when you remove the wires from the low pressure switch. open, short, chafe, heat damage) Uneven tire sizes. There are two types of manual AC compressor clutches: engage and release. The OP seems to have defined “engaged” as the condition where the clutch pedal is depressed so as to disconnect the clutch plate from the flywheel and pressure plate. I also have another video which shows another area. You should see all the dash lights come on. Ok So Today I Go To Start My Car , Put A Rebuilt Engine In , Clutch, Etc The Whole Nine Yards, I Hit The Clutch Pedal I Have Like No Pedal I Bleeed It in this thread in this sub-forum in the entire site. Web car didn’t start when turning over but did so after 2nd time. Worn clutch plate or pressure plate – Over time, the clutch plate and pressure plate can wear …. What needs to be done to repair it? They're asking $1800 to do so. P07A3 and P2872 are indicating that clutch A is not completely releasing. OBDII/EOBD diagnostics trouble codes definition. It sounds like the clutch actuator is faulty causing the clutch to be stuck engaged. A/C was working great and then suddenly stopped. Inadequate pressure plate force. Connect the other end of the jumper wire to ground. Could try swapping the shift motors and see if the codes change. 0 TDI Highline Euro 4 email protected] H …. (See page 10 for detailed information regarding clutch engagement options and operation instructions). If you don’t see any issue with the linkages, all you need to do is turn the PTO shaft manually. We use penetrating oil and an. Stuck In Reverse P072C Stuck In Gear 1 P072D Stuck In Gear 2 P072E Stuck In Gear 3 P072F Stuck In Gear 4 P073A Stuck In Gear 5 P073B Stuck In Gear 6 Clutch Position Sensor A Circuit Range/Performance P0809 Clutch Position Sensor A Circuit Intermittent P087A Clutch Position Sensor B Circuit P087B. Tested clutch travel at actuator with DSG 6mm 14 Spline Socket. Ford’s PowerShift transmission installed in cars between 2011 and 2016 was a dual-clutch six-speed. In this video i go over, what i have seen as, the most. ATIC faults (P0805) – the ATIC is an internal TCM component that controls motor current. Roy NUMBER: 07-003-10 GROUP: Cooling DATE: September 09, 2010 SUBJECT:. No internal modifications were made to the internal gearbox to accept the automated control system. The M40MTA transmission is a conventional 6-speed manual transmission with a single, dry disc clutch assembly controlled by a hydromechanical assembly. When the code sets I only have 1st 3rd and 5th. Go under the vehicle and check the condition of the clutch linkage. P2872 is Clutch "A" Stuck Engaged. ok im still kind of confused because once i swapped the avtuator motors around the vode chamged to clutch a being stuck and engaged rather than b being stuck and engaged actuator Ford Mechanic: BrianB3250 ,. I am having the vehicle …. My Ford 500 down shifts hard and will shaking bad when getting a freeway. The P2872 procedure states that the first step of the diagnostic would be to perform a TCM adaptive re-learn. A menudo, en el software del escáner OBD-2, el nombre puede escribirse en inglés «Clutch «A» Stuck Engaged». Where is the airconditioning clutch fuze, andthe radio fuze in my 2011 ford fiesta? I was not having any problem with - Answered by a verified Ford Mechanic. 2013 Ford Focus SE 120k miles seems to be backfiring out of. This system helps prevent the driver from going down the road with the PTO engaged and prevents the power take-off and driven equipment from being operated at excessive speeds. Several components contribute to the clutch’s proper functioning; if one of these items malfunction, it could cause the clutch to engage improperly and throw the clutch B stuck engaged code. There is a centering pin in the middle, it’s probably rusted and stuck. The ATC signal for A/C request runs through the HPCO, to the PCM. 2) You are not pushing in on the clutch when engaging the blades/lowering the deck or not pushing in on the clutch far enough. Chris (aka- Moose) Ford Technician. P0805 - Clutch Position Sensor "A" Circuit No reported fixes available. The clutch is controlled by the PCM. I have a hilly yard and this issue results in an unevenly mowed lawn and a poor overall mowing experience. It may also work on other tractors as well. If it opens fast, the clutch will grip faster than normal and will be like this for longer time. i would advise to return to a ford dealer to have the tranmission checked out and diagnosed. If the clutch does no longer disengage, the problem is not necessarily damage to the clutch. 2004 ford focus zx3: powertrain. A clutch that doesn't engage fully, or slips under heavy load, is the normal failure mode of a worn out friction disc of pressure plate that has lost its tension. It takes a matter of 10 minutes to replace the clutch forks and problem solved. As I drove in to parking, all of suddenly lost all pressure and clutch pedal wouldn't kick back up. (156 pages) Offroad Vehicle Can-Am DS 250 Operator's Manual. If you're not sure if lock-up occurred, then hold a steady speed of 60 mph (on the lift) and lightly touch and release the …. I took my 2012 Ford Fiesta (manual transmission) to the. My brake lights and cruise control both seem to be functioning fine. Step 2 - Read where the clutch …. Web web code p2872 ford focus 2012. The DPS6 transmission in Ford Fiesta and Focus models has been around long enough for us to accept that they aren’t going away. Plug it back in and see if that fixes the issue. During and after all was said and done, I noticed that the compressor never cycled off, even once. Usually when the hydraulic clutch master cylinder starts to leak (fail), it drips brake fluid down onto the floor mats. pacofortacos · #3 · Feb 21, 2018. When adding oil, you need to ensure that it’s compatible with the existing one. Update, just replace clutch slave and master cylinder: https://youtu. Usually caused by clutch A actuator fork binding. I press down on the clutch pedal and nothing happens. Just grind out the stakes, replace the bearing, and you are ready to go!!:thumbsup: Nov 13, 2016 / PTO clutch stuck engaged #3. from what i could find you had the clutch replaced under warranty in 2015. When I press down on the clutch pedal it drops to the floor and stays there. I thought the cable snapped, but couldn't see where it had. The clutch B is stuck in the engaged position. 2011 ford fiesta with P2872 clutch "A" stuck engaged and a P0500 vehicle speed sensor A …. 99 per vehicle 1-year subscription $39. Cub Cadet RZT50 Zero Turn, repairing a blade engagement issue. Web Hi There, I Have A P2872 Clutch A Stuck Engaged Code On My 2013 Ford Focus With 120K Miles. I have a P2872 clutch a stuck engaged code on my 2013 ford Hi there, I have a P2872 clutch a stuck engaged code on my 2013 ford focus with 120k miles. My 2012 ford fiesta sel will not start and is stuck in park. The P2872 is linked to the Clutch A of the transmission. Code P2872 Clutch A Stuck Engaged is a fault code indicating that the primary driven clutch has become stuck in an engaged state. 7 Cummins engine is 95 foot-pounds. The warranty on the transmission control computer goes out to ten years or 150,000 miles. Restarted mower and when I tried to engage the blades the …. How to Troubleshoot a Clutch Pedal Sticking to the Floor. primary clutch stuck fully engaged. To test this solution I pushed the front hand guard forward on my own saw while removing the clutch cover. Regular maintenance, such as transmission fluid flushes and replacement of worn parts, can help prevent transmission problems in …. 2V, the circuit is open and need to be repaired (aka the wire is damaged). The TCM is mounted to the transmission. Started friday with the 90+ degree temps. 2011 Ford Focus: dealer says this is not unusual. I have not felt the motor clutch stuck engaged since a week ago. If one of the clutch actuator motors fails, then the transmission adapts to this by using only the gears on the other clutch. Replacement of the fan clutch is not necessary. 2012 focus p2872 code Mar 17, · Code P, P Jump to Latest Follow P - Clutch "A" stuck engaged. I dint want to to yake to the dealer never been with the dealer. it sounds like the clutch has failed. tcm probem stuck in N send to fix tcm no ok on park but not starting. 0 codes p0219 engine over speed condition, p0805 clutch position sensor circuit, p2701 transmission friction element b apply time range/performance, p2872 clutch a stuck engaged. Gearbox Model: DPS6 6DCT250 Manufacturer Part Number:A2C30743100, AE8Z-7Z369-F. Sort of for Yankee or any other Cat guru. The first thing would be to pull it out of the connection and then blow on it. Please find attached the transmission schematic. The engine fan only work with A/C on or when the engine is hot. Then it would say gear shift not available, auto stick not available, said something about putting in neutral. Troubleshooting P0500 Error on 2011 Ford Fiesta. The clutch doesn't engage when I pull the lever back. Complete the ODIS test plan for the DTC C05ED00 (4WD/AWD Clutch "B" Stuck Engaged) completely according to Guided Fault Finding to rule out other reasons for the restricted function and to avoid an unnecessary parts replacement: If the result of the test plan leads to a repair, follow the Guided Fault Finding repair advice and this TSB does. I actually tore mine apart and clutch fork a was completely stuck. Código de falha P2872 – embraiagem “A” emperrados. 2013 #FordFiesta DPS6 Transmission ⚙️ DTC P2872 Clutch pork A stuck engage. also noticed sometimes while turn off / back on car would not start, could hear a click from what sounded like the gearbox but then nothing. • No Release of Clutch A • Possible DTC P2872 “Clutch A Stuck On” Upon inspection you may find issues with the actuator. 2018 Ford Focus , fiesta, ecosport DPS6 transmission failure. I cannot open rear hatch and bumper under rear fascia was pushed in so far that spare tire is trapped. How to Free a Stuck John Deere Clutch. OIl change it only have 85,000 - Answered by a verified Ford Mechanic coming up those codes indicate a fault with the transmission friction element being stuck on and the transmission A clutch being stuck engaged. 3) You are engaging the blades/lowering the deck. You can swap it with the A actuator and if reverse comes back then the actuator is bad. P2872 Clutch A Stuck Engaged This DTC sets when the TCM detects that the clutch is not in the proper position. I did get one message when I first installed the battery saying “transmission fault, service now” but it only came up once. Tommy, I have spent the last 2 weeks looking for an answer why my Sears T2000 would not stop. I think the ac compressor on my wife's 2008 Camry (2. The temperature sensor plays a crucial role in signaling the fan clutch to engage or disengage. When the clutch is engaged, the pulley turns. This is an old Ford 9N tractor with a stuck clutch. Clutch motor 2 is a 3-phase bi-directional Direct Current (DC) motor that is controlled by the Transmission Control Module (TCM). You may have a bad bearing in the clutch, a bad contact surface on the flywheel, or a bad PTO pulley. O código de falha OBD-II P2872 é um código genérico definido como 'Embraiagem 'A . I'm taking it into the dealership to …. The back: 8/29/2021 06 jeep liberty sort, first started having issues with: 8/31/2021 My Ford Escape Limited 2010, w JA: What's the approximate. Hammering on the damn puller DOES NOT WORK!!. What commands it to come on, is electric current from the clutch relay. I'm taking it into the dealership to get a …. P2872 Clutch 'A' Stuck Engaged What Does the Engine Code P2872 Mean? Character "P" in the first position of Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) represents the powertrain …. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Quest4Adv Discussion Starter. Q: Clutch does not engage and I cannot shift gears. I did a new clutch and forks and about to stab it back in. And the engine will stall if you are in gear and try to stop the car. I think I may have an idea of the problem, 2011 ford fiesta …. If the clutch was stuck engaged you would not be able to shift into gear with the engine running. If not, the clutch may not be engaged. This single post is part of a larger thread. Vehicle is in parrk 2011 ford fiesta with P2872 clutch "A" stuck engaged and a. When a clutch is slipping you may also detect an acrid burning smell and sometimes even see smoke. It sounds like one of your clutches is not shifting properly or else not engaging period. I'm taking it into the dealership to get a new TCM under warranty to …. However, it normally makes more sense to put in a new AC compressor. It's a common problem for the DCT auto trans. ) Component: Transmission Definition: Alfa Romeo: Clutch 1 Stuck Engaged ISO/SAE: Clutch "A" Stuck Engaged Jeep:. I have researched it a bit and it does not seem to be a common problem. But if it’s damaged, the pulley might get stuck, causing the clutch to stay engaged. Parking brake stuck on 2011 Volvo S60. If the clutch does engage manually, you are looking at some rarer issues. Web turn the car of and wait 10 mins and retry same problem. Checking the condition of the clutch pedal engagement. And since the dual-clutch gearbox does not require a torque converter, it's more . You could look at the brake resivor. - Answered by a verified Ford Mechanic. If the codes reset, this is going to be an internal transmission issue. I'm currently having an issue with it. I have a 2011 Fiesta and the MAP sensor is failing. Clutch Position Sensor "A" Circuit. Your clutch may be seized up completely, there may be something stuck in the blades, or your PTO pulley may be seized up The regulator puts out varying voltage between 7. This is not usually a sign of the clutch going out. P287A, Clutch “B” Stuck Engaged. If you don’t drive according to the gear you are stuck in, you could end up …. I usually stop at lights with the clutch engaged because if I don't it will not go into gear. Josh Premium Member · #15 · Sep 5, 2013 (Edited) The G80 is a mechanical locker, which relies on the speed of the axle and the differentiation of left/right axle speeds to lock/unlock. If you're lucky the torque from the starter motor may break the flywheel free from the. Current codes I am getting: P07A5 - Transmission Friction Element "B" stuck on P0715 - Turbine/ Input Shaft Speed Sensor Circuit P2802 - Transmission Range Sensor B Circuit Low Input P0707 - Transmission Range Sensor Circuit Low Input P2872 - Clutch "A" Stuck engaged P0420 - Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold (Bank 1) With …. Done #Fiesta2012 TRANSMISSION HOT ‼️ --- TRANSMISSION SLITHERING, UNCOMMON POWER OUTPUT , UNPREDICTABLE SHIFTING ‼️ DTC⬇️ •P07A3 Transmission Friction. 8K 122K views 1 year ago #focus. Even smooth dirt road, and sometimes as little as 100 yards driven on said dirt road will set this code. i would have to assume that the starter plate is stuck agains the clutch bell?. If you look at your plastic fan and see stress cracks, it's time to replace the fan. Basically, it controls the amount of power going to the back wheel by switching it on or off. 2011 ford fiesta with P2872 clutch "A" stuck engaged and a. 20 comments Add a Comment [deleted] • 2 yr. P0882 – Transmission control module (TCM). (Reported Fixes Replace Automatic Transmission w P07A3, P2787) I haven't found anything on these. Without the code numbers, we're just guessing. Issue causing uneven rotational speed/circumference (e. Select Neutral on the shift control. 2011 ford fiesta with P2872 clutch "A" stuck engaged and a P0500 vehicle speed sensor A codes. anyways after getting all the god damn gas out and putting my carbs back together I fired the sled up, it was running …. how to adjust clutch on 1989 ford f 800 dump truck, ford diesel motor. Ac clutch stuck engaged *SEARCHED*. I got p2872 and am think on replacing one of the actuators. Scan tool shows that Clutch A is stuck engaged and friction element A is on. performed pinpoint test for vehicle as per pinpoi : connect : car pictures: shopping: classifieds: need to remove and inpect the clutch actuators and acutator bearing. The current one is the AC compressor. The Clutch A system is tested for: a. Okay so I tried swapping them and the car wouldn’t move at all and it started throwing a P2782 code. It is set when the Transmission Control Module (TCM) detects that the "A" clutch is jammed in the clutch. Which was code P2872 Clutch A Stuck Engaged. This can cause the clutch to remain engaged regardless of the engine temperature. 2012 fiesta a/t code p07A3, p2872. Secondly, the idler could have a damaged part in the mechanism, causing the idler pulley to stay engaged. I was mowing, disengaged blades and drove to different section of yard. The main cap torque specs for the 6. If the starter turns every time you engage the clutch you will very soon wear out the.